Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday September 24, 2016 Lumix

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Saturday September 24, 2016
THANK YOU to my buddy Linda for muling my new camera and accessories from the USA today.  I am like a little kid at Christmas trying to sort everything out.
First thing I discovered was that I not only ordered the wrong SD cards once, but I did it a second time, getting a whole lot of Micro SD cards... ugh!  Then I discovered that I also got the wrong replacement battery... double ugh..!!
Then the plug-in battery charger doesn't work....  Right now I am charging the battery via the USB port on the PC, and I haven't a clue how long that may take.
Before the battery died I managed to input the date but screwed up the time.  I changed a few settings but this camera is so damn fancy I am gonna need a week to figure it out.
I bashed off a few quick shots before the battery died, in RAW format (and it gave me JPG as well).  Then I had to download a new DNG converter because my PhotoShop wouldn't accept this camera either, to process the Raw photos.  I am going to show a quick comparison of 5 mildly processed RAW photos against the basic JPG photo from the camera.  I am mildly thrilled to see that there is hardly any difference...!!!  What do you think?
More later.
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

Processed RAW photos on the left

Untouched JPG photos on the right

I darkened this one a tad

I didn't shoot this one very well

Impressed with a shot of my computer screen

This is pretty impressive I think

Attempt at macro, forget the ugly subject

Pretty good depth of Field!

More Depth of Field goodness

Gotta say I am pretty impressed so far