Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016 Tests

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Monday September 26, 2016
Nothing earth-shattering this morning.  I just took a few more test shots with the Lumix and am discovering more and more options every time.
I have taken all of these shots strictly in JPG mode and am impressed with the quality so far.  First there were a few shots of the early morning sunrise, which wasn't spectacular, but made better when I added a little exposure compensation, something I had never tried before...  I like it!
Then it was a test of the Stop Action feature when the dogs were play-fighting and doing tug-o-wars with their leashes.  They are so funny when they do that, often tying themselves together, or Mariposa tugging on her own leash and shaking it all about (my gosh, is she doing the hokey-pokey??).
After many problems yesterday with my SD cards, USB ports, and the computer not recognizing anything I plugged in, today has been much better so far.

Afternoon update:
I took the new Lumix on a noonish walk with the dogs and decided to test it a bit more.  So far, I am quite tickled with the quality of the output.  The reviews say that this is basically a daylight camera and that it suffers a little in low light situations so I will have a lot of testing to do.  
They are resurfacing more of 24 de Mayo west of the traffic circle and I am very happy about that.  That stretch of road, all the way to Parque Paraiso is horrible, especially on a motorcycle, a truly teeth chattering and dangerous experience.  In Canada, I have seen them lay a new stretch of road literally overnight with modern equipment in a line-up (dig it up, clean, and lay down the new asphalt), so I they take much longer here with older equipment and a lot of manual labor involved.  You would think that they could get organized better, after al, they don't have winter to worry about, just rain...
I hope you enjoy the photos.  That was the day's excitement,   Cheers, Al 
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NOTE that you may click on any photo for an ENLARGED VIEW.

Sunrise 1- Not enough gap at horizon for the sun to light up the clouds

Sunrise 2 - Processed in PhotoShop

Sunrise 2 - Processed in Smart Photo Editor

Stop Action - I didn't think it would work this well

The dogs getting their early morning run

Mariposa in full flight

Then getting into tug-o-war mode

They can't go very far this way... lol

Tying each other up

Luckily the cords are strong

Turi, Princesa and Mariposa

Turi getting loose

Turi in full flight too

Their play-fighting looks vicious

All 3 getting a run
Afternoon photos:
Panorama mode, from my office window

Zoomed in to the north

Not-so zoomed in

Zoomed across the street

Road work continuing west of the traffic circle

We'll see how fast they can get this done

The road had many potholes so it will be nice to get this resurfaced

They don't have to worry about winter, just rain..

A little too much exposure compensation (looking east)

Turi in her office