Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday December 21, 2016 Xmas Card

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Wednesday December 21, 2016

This is the card that I came up with this afternoon to share via email, this Blog and Facebook.  We are so very thankful for all of our great family and friends and hope that everone has some awesome holidays planned.

Today was my first day of physio and I wasn't too hopeful in the beginning because I was starting off as weak as the day before.  But we managed to walk, with the terrific Cristna supporting my elbow, the approx. 1/2 mile to the hospital physio dept at the back.  For 40 minutes I did a lot of exercises between the parrallel bars, realizing just how unsteady I can be without support.
I made several quick rest stops on the way back and collapsed in my recliner for almost 3 hours.  But when I got up I felt, better... steadier, refreshed, and the best I have felt in 3 weeks.  My step was steadier and the physio guy (forget his name, darn it) wants me to use the walker outside more, so I went for a quick 4 block walk actually just carrying the walker most of the time.  I felt useful for the first time since the accident.  

I also ordered 2 tourtieres from Melissa for us to enjoy, emotionally, on Christmas Day.  Tourtieres have been such an annual tradition for many years, often joined by Mom & Dad.  My most tearful recollection is when Mom, Dad, my sisters and brothers and families decided to go to the tiny church at Midnapore for midnight mass,... and it began to snow....  I couldn't have dreamed for a better scene that night, later topped off with the usual tourtieres, mandarins, ribbon candy, licorice candy, and the love of family.  I hope everyone has a similar memory.
Of course this year I get very emotional every time I realize that this is the first year that I will be unable to communicate directly with any parents.  I have been so fortunate to have had at least one of them for so long and maybe that makes it harder.
So, everybody,.. have fun this Christmas with family and/or friends, mend fences and love one another.  It only takes a few seconds for circumstances to permanently alter one's life, and the greatest remedy for such happenings is to have lived life to the fullest and to be willing to stare adverstity in the face and make lemonade.
Cheers, Al & Cristina